Best Casino Sites offering Green Light Slots for Free

Green light slots not only reminds you of a signal as a red light it also gives you a go ahead now it is your turn to move on and get to something better and I am sure that is the idea behind the slot machine as it has all the symbols of racing car, green light and letter and digits like J, k, 9 etc.

It is game powered by RTG( Real time gaming software providers) one of the coolest game they have developed with graphics you can relate to your daily life not using fancy fictional characters which obviously no one can relate to what we see around us.Can I play green light slots for free?

Yes you can it is always good to try out slot games for free before you decide to put in real money in it and so far with what we have seen is that these games payout more to people those who practice and get there hands on to it however having said that you should not burn bridges with the games you been playing so far it good to switch to new slot machine but never say good bye to your old one who you have got the perfection on.

Playing with no deposit will not qualify you to get a withdrawal if you playing slots for real money then only you can take out the winnings. It has its advantages and disadvantages so you have to see if you can take out some extra cash of you hard earned money to start playing this game.Is there a bonus round?

You can multiply your wins in the bonus rounds however you can’t cash your winnings if you are playing green slot with no deposit bonus. In order for the players to free spin bonus feature when they will see the racing car that will automatically trigger the bonus round wherein they will be awarded free games and they can multiply the cash.Progressive Jackpot

This is a good news for all the players those who want to be rich in one night as this slot game offers progressive jackpot and it will trigger every time you wager money or other players playing the same game but yes it will only fire when the jackpot reaches to its maximum so you should always keep your eyes open as this is where the trick is if the PJP is low in amount that means the slots are not hot at that moment so you should be playing some other game as there are chances of hitting big there.Features of the green light slot machine

Available for small gamblers and for those who believe in winning and loosing big amounts as you the minimum bet is just $0.01 to a maximum of $100. It comes with the 20 lines features and 5 reel.

In the end we can recommend this game to players strongly it is available in no download option and those who like to give this game home on their desktop can go for free download option.